Streamlining Visual Content Creation
Reading time: 8 minutes
Welcome to FocalStudio, where we empower you to craft compelling marketing content. Through the following user-guided workflows, you'll discover the diverse ways our platform can be harnessed.
What You Will Learn Today: Harness AI to select and optimally position products for photoshoots. Communicate effectively with Focal AI to refine visual themes. Generate realistic and brand-aligned product visuals in minutes.
At the end of the tutorial you’ll be able to create stunning ads like this in seconds with Focal
#1: Choose Your Product
Navigate to and login Begin by selecting the perfume from the asset library. Position the product within the 1:1 frame. For optimal visuals, center it horizontally and place it slightly lower vertically.
#2: Convey your brief
Share your vision with the chatbot, focusing on: Theme: For instance, "My brand emphasizes the harmony between nature and urbanism." Target Audience: Such as, "I'm focusing on North American consumers." Specific Vision: Like, "I envision the perfume amidst a lavender field." Within moments, you'll receive an initial image rendition.
#3: Fine-tune Your Theme
Offer feedback to the chatbot on various aspects: Style and Integration: For example: "Ensure the product is grounded, not appearing to float." Scene Details: For example: "Increase the depth of field" or "Make the image wider."
#4: Experiment with Variations
As the image begins to align with your vision, prompt Focal AI to "Generate Variations." Explore both variations of the current theme and entirely new thematic shifts, like for example: "Transition the scene to a winter setting."
You've successfully navigated through the intricacies of FocalStudio and are now an esteemed Focal Studio expert!
Your journey doesn't end here; it's just the beginning of creating captivating content.

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