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Perfume photography without background
Beautiful ad generated by our AI of your perfume in a beautiful lavender field
by FocalStudio
User generated examples:
A showcase of mesmerizing ads crafted by our users: shoes, perfumes, watches, rings, alcohol, cosmetics.
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Hyper personalized Ads for Superior Targeting

In today's digital age, generic ads no longer cut it. With Focal, you can move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. Our platform allows you to customize visuals that align with individual customer segments.

James, a marketing manager at an online store, often finds it hard to make ads that appeal to all his customers. For the upcoming summer sale, he plans to attract tech lovers with new gadgets and home decor fans with stylish furniture.

Using Focal, James creates ads that directly connect with each group, leading to more clicks and sales.

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Using Focal brands can personalize their ads to better speak to each of their customer segmets

Region-Specific Ads for Higher Conversions

Different regions have unique cultural nuances, preferences, and buying behaviors. Focal recognizes this and offers the power of geo-tailored ads. Our intuitive platform helps you design visuals that resonate with specific regional audiences.

Maria, a brand strategist for a global tea brand, understands that different regions have unique tastes. In Japan, their green tea is popular for its traditional touch, while in the UK, black tea is the favorite.

With Focal, Maria designs ads that resonate with each region's preferences. For Japan, the visuals emphasize tradition with tea ceremonies, and for the UK, it's all about the cozy afternoon tea time. This region-specific approach leads to higher conversions as the ads resonate deeply with local audiences.

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Focal helps brands to create region specific marketing campaign, tailored to each geographic zone needs

Adaptive Visuals for All Platforms

Every social media platform has its own set of guidelines and preferred visual formats. Focal ensures your ads are not just consistent but also optimized for each platform. Focal easily adapts your visuals for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Lisa heads digital content at a cosmetics company. She often needs to adjust visuals for different social platforms. After launching a successful square ad for their latest perfume, she wanted the same ad to fit Pinterest's vertical format.

With Focal, Lisa effortlessly expands the image, even instructing the AI on elements to include in the newly created space. The result? A Pinterest-perfect ad in mere seconds, without compromising the original's essence.

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Focal magic resizer allows brands to automatically expand and adpat visual so they fit easily in all of your marketing channels
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Why Focal Studio?
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Reduce Costs
Minimize content production costs with our AI-powered photography platform. No need for expensive photoshoots or graphic designers. Focal streamlines the process, giving you professional-grade visuals without the hefty price tag.

A startup fashion brand saved 60% on their marketing budget by using AI for their ad campaigns instead of traditional photoshoots.
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Increase revenue
See a rise in sales with our engaging ad photography. Focal's AI-driven designs captivate audiences, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.

An e-commerce store witnessed a 30% increase in sales after switching to AI-generated product images.
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Ensure Compliance
In the world of advertising, local regulations can be a minefield. Focal ensures you navigate this safely. Whether it's adhering to France's strict Loi Evin for alcohol ads or ensuring child-safe content, Focal's got you covered.

Picture a beverage brand using AI photos for ads that fit regulations in 5 different countries. With Focal, it's within reach.

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