Enhancing Brand Image with AI: Detecting Low-Quality Images and Boosting Reseller Sales
Reading time: 6 minutes
Traditional Content Distribution by Brands
Brands traditionally create a repository of content and provide their resellers with options to choose from. This ensures consistency and brand alignment across various platforms.
Complex Brand Guidelines:
These brands often have comprehensive guidelines covering color schemes, props, themes, and inspirations, often spanning hundreds of pages. These guidelines are crucial in maintaining brand identity in their content creation process.
Resellers' Localized Needs and Challenges
Resellers frequently face unique, on-the-ground demands, such as creating marketing campaigns for events like Christmas or Thanksgiving, or catering to local preferences. They require versatile content suitable for different formats – online platforms, physical stores, and social networks.
Reseller-Generated Content and Its Pitfalls:
To meet these needs, resellers often create their own images using backgrounds and Photoshop. While these images might be effective, they often deviate from the brand's established guidelines or quality standards, sometimes even breaching industry regulations, as seen in the liquor industry.
AI to the Rescue for Image Monitoring
This is where AI steps in. AI technology can scan millions of images online, assessing them against specific criteria such as aesthetics, quality, and adherence to brand guidelines, and automatically flagging low-quality images.
FocalStudio’s Brand Monitoring AI Solution
At FocalStudio, we've developed a Brand Monitoring AI that learns your visual preferences based on your existing imagery, previous creations, and guideline documents. This AI proactively alerts you to subpar images, prioritizing them based on their visibility and impact.
Proactive Image Creation with AI
Identifying problematic images is just the first step. FocalStudio’s image creation AI also enables you to generate high-quality, guideline-compliant images of the same products. We offer alternative images that not only meet brand standards but are also optimized to engage and influence your customers effectively.
Is your brand's visual identity being diluted by inconsistent online imagery? Look no further than FocalStudio's AI-driven Brand Monitoring solutions. Our advanced technology effortlessly scans and identifies off-brand content, ensuring your image remains pristine across all reseller platforms. Take control of your brand's online presence and elevate the quality of your visual content. Try FocalStudio for free today and see how our AI can safeguard your brand and enhance your market impact. Contact one of our AI specialists now to learn more about protecting and enhancing your brand's digital footprint.